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    Evaluate all the factors that influence your students' learning and achieve educational excellence..

  • What's new in Habilmind

    If you are already a Habilmind user, these new tools may be interesting to you.


    Version of Habilmind for consulting psychologists.

    Family Confinement

    Analysis for families in confinement.

    Decision Making Style

    Aimed at management teams and teachers.

    Behavioral Styles

    Behavioral patterns of managers and their team.

  • Measurement, intervention and improvement of factors influencing learning.

    Habilmind is an online system that offers a complete set of tools that analyze the factors that influence student learning.


    After the analysis the school receives:

    • Individual reports for each student.
    • Collective reports for each group of students.
    • Control panels for decision making.
    • Improvement strategies.

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  • The evaluation your school achieves with Habilmind

    Habilmind offers a wide range of tools that we group into the following areas:

  • Tools included in your subscription

    You will be able to use any of these tests in your school without limit.

    Cluster for Learning Abilities

    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 From 4 years old to adults


    Abstract: it is a series of criteria tests that analyze between 9 to 22 cognitive abilities. Obtaining individual and group reports with practical recommendations for the teacher.

    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team


    ⚙️ Socioemotional factors

    🚻 From 6 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: it is a sociometric analysis of relationships between students. We add a report on the state of different emotional indicators, such as empathy, assertiveness, emotional regulation, etc.

    Author: Déborah Martín - UCM / UNIR


    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 From 3 ½ years old to adults


    Abstract: it measures a complex of mental abilities that reflect the structure of the intelligence. GI: General intelligence, RF: Reasoning factor; VF: Verbal factor, NF: Numerical Factor, VF: Visuospatial factor.

    Authors: Yuste, David / Yuste, Carlos

    Learning Styles Test

    ⚙️ Cognitive factors 

    🚻 From 9 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: it is a questionnaire based on the VAK model (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to measure the way in which students process information, including both intellectual and motivational factors.

    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team

    Personal tendencies test

    ⚙️ Socioemotional factors

    🚻 From 9 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: it is a questionnaire the analyzes conductual elements that had become habits; the way they affect the main attitudes towards learning, interpersonal relations and decision making.

    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team

    Screening Visual

    ⚙️ Neurological factors

    🚻 From 5 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: it is a simple visual screening to help detect early the main visual problems that affect learning.

    Author: Arancha Rioja - Habilmind Team

    Self-concept and Self-esteem

    ⚙️ Socioemotional factors 

    🚻 From 9 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: the happiness of a child or adolescent is determined by the self-concept, from which they self-esteem derives.

    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team

    Bullying test

    ⚙️ Socioemotional factors 

    🚻 From 7 years old to the last academic year


    Abstract: the bullying test recolects data from witness of bullying. We assure that students understand the difference between bullying and conflict.

    Author: Alicia Morón - Habilmind Team

    Vocational Guidance

    ⚙️ Student's Preferences

    🚻 At the choice of the school


    Abstract: Questionnaire that provides the students of junior high and high schools the basic data to choose properly the area of profesional election, based on vocation interests.

    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team

    Rogers questionnaires for the detection of high capacities

    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 All grades


    Abstract: there are several questionnaires intended for parents, teachers and students themselves that will allow us to detect students with high capacities or special talents.

    Author: Karen B. Rogers - University of St. Thomas, United States

    Emotional Well-Being Screening

    ⚙️ Socio-emotional Factors

    🚻 Students


    Abstract: Analysis and intervention on the social and emotional skills involved during confinement and return to school. To know the psychological and emotional impact of confinement on students, through a specific test developed by experts.


    Authors: Isauro Blanco - Alicia Moron

    Survey system- 360 Evaluation

    ⚙️ Quality of the educational centre and teachers skills

    🚻 All courses in case of teacher evaluation and from the age of 9 to the last course for student evaluation


    Abstract: it is a cluster of standardized surveys by profiles. A valuable tool for the school management and quality management system (e.g. EFQM and ISO9001).

    Author: Pedro Paños - Habilmind Team

    Family Dynamics

    ⚙️ Family and leisure factors

    🚻 All the courses


    Abstract: his test answers the questions that parents ask to know if they are choosing the best strategies at the moment to help their children with learning.

    Author: Déborah Martín - UCM / UNIR

    Family Harmony

    ⚙️ Family and Leisure Factors

    🚻 Adults


    Abstract: Questionnaire of parental skills that can facilitate this reflection and find clues and answers to improve your family coexistence. To know if emotions and daily routines are being managed in the best way to promote an intelligent coexistence at home.


    Author: Antonio Ortuño

    Performance Assessment

    ⚙️ Teacher skills

    🚻 All courses in case of teacher evaluation and from the age of 9 to the last course for student evaluation


    Abstract: the assessment of teachers and principal performance allows to obtain a 360º and objective assessment of the educational center staff.

    Author: Habilmind Team

    Teacher Skills analysis UCM

    ⚙️ Teaching skills

    🚻 All grades


    Abstract: it focuses on the identification of teaching skills of primary and junior high school teachers, for improving educational quality, understood in terms of inclusiveness and excellence.

    Author: Department of Research and Educational Psychology of the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Teacher digital skills analysis UNIR

    ⚙️ Teaching skills

    🚻 All the courses


    Abstract: through this questionnaire any teacher will be able to make an autoanalysis of their digital skills to find areas of improvement. We follow the established line in the European Union Framework in terms of digital teaching skills.

    Authors: Group of Active Methodologies and Mastery Learning of UNIR

    Teacher emotional skills

    ⚙️ Teaching skills

    🚻 All courses in case of teacher evaluation and from the age of 9 to the last course for student evaluation


    Abstract: with this test, that the students respond about each of their teachers, we obtain information about the emotional situation of the teacher, and the areas of improvement that can be attended.

    Author: María José Gallego - UNED

    Behavioral styles

    ⚙️ Teacher Skills

    🚻 Adults


    Abstract: Detects the different response patterns emitted by teachers in their interpersonal interactions in their daily educational work.


    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team

    Decision-making styles

    ⚙️ Teacher Skills

    🚻 Adults


    Abstract: Identifies the predominant style or styles that teachers show in problem solving and decision making when facing the challenges of their pedagogical work.


    Author: Isauro Blanco - Habilmind Team.

    Family Confinement

    ⚙️ Family and Leisure Factors

    🚻 Adults


    Abstract: Analysis and recommendations for families in seclusion. Focused on reducing the impact of confinement on students. To know if stress and daily routines are being managed in the best way.


    Author: Habilmind Team.


    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 From 3 ½ years old to adults


    Abstract: Analysis of students' attentional processes: selective attention and concentration and attentional persistence.


    Author: Yuste, David / Yuste, Carlos


    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 From 3 ½ years old to adults


    Abstract: Complete memory battery for individual or collective application. Evaluates short-term memory (STM), working memory (WM) and visual orthographic memory.


    Author: Yuste, David / Yuste, Carlos

    Mental calculation agility

    ⚙️ Cognitive factors

    🚻 From 6 years old to adults


    Abstract: Designed by one of the best calculators in the world, Guinness World Record holder in mental arithmetic.


    Author: Alberto Coto / Alicia Morón

    Use of screens

    ⚙️ Family and Leisure Factors

    🚻 From 9 years old to adults


    Abstract: Analysis on the use of screens and suggestions to promote a responsible and healthy use. Students and families answer directly.


    Author: Rosario Ruiz (Universidad de Córdoba) y Alicia Morón

  • Summary chart with the different Habilmind tests and their features

  • Implementation, intervention and certification

    Habilmind offers the following implementation and intervention services on an optional basis.

    Emotional Mind

    Training program of the competencies that we analyze in the Socioemociogram. Through this training we teach the student to regulate his emotions.


    Habilmente is a program to stimulate the skills we measure in Habilmind. It consists of a series of workbooks that are applied as a weekly teaching hour in the classroom.

    Psychopedagogical counseling

    Full counseling service by an Habilmind psychopedagogist who will accompany you throughout the implementation and follow-up process.

    Analysis and interpretation of results

    A Habilmind psycho-pedagogical consultant will help you interpret the results of the measurement tools applied in your school.

    Habilmind Speakers

    Hire different experts related to Habilmind for webinars and conferences.

  • What does Habilmind contribute?

    Habilmind provides measurement tools and suggestions and strategies designed by experts in the educational world.

  • Customized reports based on profile

    With each test of the Habilmind platform you will obtain different and appropriate reports depending on the profile of the user who is going to analyze them.

  • Counsellors and psychologists with superpowers 🤩

    - The administrative work associated with correction is eliminated.
    - Much more time for intervention.
    - Quick and easy collective analysis.
    - Visibility of the efforts of the guidance department.

    Head of school quality... also with superpowers.

    - Generate as many surveys as you need.
    - Use our templates or your own models.
    - Created exclusively for educational centers.
    - Tracking panel and presentation of results with everything you need.

    Habilmind strengthens the teaching staff

    Discover in this video what Habilmind does to help and reinforce teachers in their day-to-day work at the school.

    Online evaluations (at school or from home) and automatic results

    Students take the tests online and the results are immediately available ready to share with different profiles.

  • We help you to achieve your school's objectives

    Personalized teaching

    Habilmind provides the analysis tools and practical recommendations that help to effectively achieve personalized learning.

    Attention to diversity

    Habilmind offers cognitive and socio-emotional analyses that provide the school with the information it needs to achieve an adequate and successful diversity policy.

    Educational excellence

    The more than 100 indicators that we measure at Habilmind are strategic for the school to achieve its goals of educational excellence.

  • We include the service of advanced psychopedagogical advice (*)

    We assign a Habilmind specialist to your school to advise your team of psychologists or the people in charge of Habilmind at the school.

    (*) Available in some countries. See info@habilmind.com

  • Our team

    Joaquín Arias

    General Manager

    Muy noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala

    Graduate in Business Administration and Management and expert in web 2.0 technologies. Since 1998 he has carried out projects for companies, organisations and public bodies in Spain, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica. He is currently CEO and partner of Habilmind.


    Father of three children and tireless traveller, he has lived in several European countries and Latin America.

    Pedro Pablo Paños

    Thecnical Director

    Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

    Civil Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Master in Management of Information Technologies and Software Engineering. He has directed ICT departments in the General State Administration. Director of several ICT Projects in the area of Security.


    Technical director and partner of Habilmind. Pedro has a real passion for technology since he made his first computer program in the early 80's.

    Isauro Blanco

    General Pedagogical Director


    Isauro Blanco is an educational and clinical philosopher, pedagogue and psychologist. He is recognized in Latin America and Spain for his extensive and successful career as a lecturer and advisor to parents, students, teachers and principals of schools, universities and companies in America and Europe.


    He is also well known for his participation in international congresses, his articles in magazines and press and his participation in several radio and television programs.

    Alicia Morón

    Pedagogical Director for Spain


    Psychologist, teacher and mother. She is constantly learning about life. She considers childhood as a treasure to be cared for, protected and stimulated in an integral way; where emotional care must be the backbone of any action.


    Her professional motivations are focused on helping children and adolescents to believe in themselves and their abilities to reach their best version, to promote respectful parenting and to contribute to provide education professionals with the necessary tools in order to make inclusive and quality education a reality. And her goal is to contribute to leave a better world.

    Karina Esparza

    Psychopedagogical Consultant for Latin America

    México City

    Psychologist by the University of London in Mexico City. She studied for a Master's degree in psychoanalysis in the Psychoanalytical Dimension. She has extensive experience in working with adolescents and parents both in the classroom and in clinical practice.


    Theater is another of her great passions, by virtue of which she strives to build proposals aimed at intertwining art with psychology and psychoanalysis, in order to develop and enrich educational processes and the integral formation of young people.

    Aitor González Varo

    Account Director

    Las Rozas, Madrid

    Aitor González has been one of the first people to pass the Professional Orientation Test included in the Habil Basic pack. The results couldn't be more encouraging: he works exactly in the professional branch recommended by the test. Aitor has a degree in Sales and Marketing Management from the ESIC (Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing) and has lived in Bristol.


    If you've met him, you'll surely remember him well, given his good people skills and personal friendliness.

    Carlos Herrera

    Account Director


    Very communicative and with great capacity for management. He lectures and teaches email marketing at ICEMD (ESIC), the Chamber of Commerce (Camerpyme), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


    He specialises in commercial management and in everything related to email marketing. He has dedicated to results marketing managing campaigns in SEM, Facebook Ads, Affiliation, BBDD, Ad-Exchange, and Creativities.

    Elizabeth Borges

    Director of Support

    México City

    He studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


    She has been involved in editing and proofreading textbooks and has participated independently in the creation of reagents for some high school institutions. She performs support and assistance activities, likes to learn how to solve doubts and works as a team. In Habilmind we exalt his service capacity.

    Napoleón Cruz

    Support Consultant

    México City

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Letters from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He has served as editor and proofreader and he is the author of textbooks of middle school level of orthography.


    He has taught Spanish at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM. He has specialized in the development of digital content and the implementation of new applications to automate the editorial process. He has trained and supported the users of such tools.

    Lorena Matíz

    Assistant for Latin America


    She is a Specialist in Corporate Communication from the Politécnico Grancolombiano. Also, he’s a professional in Social Communication, with specific knowledge in design and implementation of internal and external communication strategies as well as public relations.


    She has experience in planning, management and supervision of communication processes with affinity for psycho-pedagogical processes.

    And she has experience leading work teams in administrative and commercial areas.

    Yuriria Hernández

    Specialist in Educational Technology and Digital Development

    Pachuca de Soto

    She holds a degree in Educational Sciences with extensive experience in educational content development, design and implementation of pedagogical programs.


    Her great passion for technology led her to pursue a Master's degree in Educational Technology at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey. She has been working in the educational field for more than 13 years.


    In 2012 Yuriria was a representative of education in Mexico through the Fulbright international opportunity as a Scholar in Residence at the University of Fort Hays, Kansas.

    Carmen Marco Llana

    Psychopedagogical Consultant - Spain


    She has worked as a external collaborator of Guidance Departments in the application of tests, preparation of reports and intervention guidelines for teachers and parents.

    Also as trainer of families in educational centers and therapy.


    “I am passionate about direct intervention with children and families and I firmly believe in prevention and education as the solution to many difficulties in childhood and adolescence.”

  • The trust that supports us

    Data updated in June 2020




    Generated reports



  • Map with Habilmind customers

    Here you can learn about the Habilmind user schools in your area or region.


    Partners and collaborators

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Faculty of Education

    Since 2013


    Analysis and improvements of Habilmind tests. Use of Habilmind tools for research programs. Generation of new tools to support research programmes.

    Universidad Internacional de la Rioja

    Group of Active Methodologies and Mastery Learning of UNIR

    Since 2018


    With the UNIR we have a project to measure and improve the digital skills of teachers and several other projects in the initial phase.

    Universidad de Lleida

    Research Group in Psychopedagogical Orientation

    Since 2016


    With the University of Lleida we have an agreement for the validation and improvement of the tools that take into account social-emotional factors.


    Equipo Eduqatia 

    Since 2017


    Eduqatia es la mayor certificadora de calidad educativa de habla hispana. Con ellos tenemos varios acuerdos para certificar a los colegios usuarios de Habilmind en diferentes programas.


    Santillana Global 

    Since 2015


    Santillana is the largest Spanish-speaking educational company. It distributes Habilmind in most Latin American countries.

    Ministry of Public Education of Mexico (SEP)

    Quality Schools Program

    Since 2011


    The SEP reached an agreement with Habilmind to use our tools in their Quality Schools Program, which allowed us to enter more than 300 schools in several states of the Republic.

    Ayuntamiento de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

    Department of Education 

    Since 2018


    With the City Council of San Lorenzo de El Escorial we signed an agreement to create the "Municipal Network of Schools for Coexistence".


    Educational Division 

    Since 2011


    Dell includes in its offer to public institutions a program of digital tools among which is Habilmind.


    Division of Measurement Diagnostics 

    Since 2013


    ASC includes Habilmind by default to all schools that use its educational system, developed by our company's pedagogical director, Isauro Blanco.


    Educaria’s Team

    Since 2014


    Educaria is the company that owns the Alexia platform. It distributes Habilmind in Peru.


    Dintest Equipment

    Since 2017


    The agreement with Dintest allows us to implement certain psychopedagogical tools developed by a team with extensive educational experience.

    Pedagogía para el Éxito

    Pedagogy for Success Team

    Since 2013


    With Pedagogy for Success we carry out various collaborations in the social-emotional and cognitive fields of psychopedagogy.


    ISTAKedu’s Team

    Since 2018


    Specialised consultancy in the education sector. We have been advising schools and universities for more than ten years. We have a team of professionals specializing in marketing, communication, advertising, digital marketing.

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