Analysis of students' attentional processes: selective attention and attentional concentration and persistence.


    For students from 3 years and 6 months to adults.

    Authors: Yuste, David / Yuste, Carlos

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    Analysis of cognitive factors

    The Atiendo tests allow efficient detection of students who may need a more specific intervention to avoid or minimise the impact on the student's school development, and are composed of the following tests:

    • De: Discrimination of figures

    • Dv: Text Discrimination

    • Dn: Digit discrimination

    • CPa: Concentration and Persistence of Attention

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    Advanced cognitive analysis

    The Atiendo test is a standardised test that allows a quick, simple and rigorous evaluation of students' attentional processes.


    Attention is essential in any learning process, which is why Atiendo has become an indispensable tool for education professionals, allowing them to detect and intervene in the event of difficulties in order to avoid or minimise the impact on students' school performance.

  • Analyzed indicators

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    Discrimination of differences


    📋General focus factor

    It assesses speed in visually discriminating spatial, numerical and verbal information or stimuli. It is obtained from the direct scores of the three tests: De + Dn + Dv.

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    Concentration and Persistence


    📋General factor of sustained attention


    Evaluates the correct focus and temporal maintenance of attentional tone by comparing silhouettes in search of a target.

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    Discrimination of figures


    📋Specific test


    Evaluates speed in visually discriminating figures with spatial content, similar to those found when coding drawings, icons or ideograms.

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    Digit discrimination


    📋Specific test


    Assesses speed in visually discriminating mathematical digits and symbols, similar to those encountered in especially mathematical activities.

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    Text discrimination


    📋Specific test

    Assesses speed in visually discriminating verbal texts, similar to those encountered in reading activities.

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    Number of hits per minute of time spent on visual discrimination and concentration tasks.

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    Average time taken to respond to each item in visual discrimination and concentration tasks.

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    Items shown but omitted in visual discrimination and concentration tasks.

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    Designed by David and Carlos Yuste

    Carlos Yuste is the most recognised specialist in Spanish-speaking countries in the creation of psychometric tests. He is the author of BADYG and EDINT among other tests. His son, psychologist David Yuste, has worked on the development and digital adaptation of various cognitive assessment tests and on the development of various cognitive stimulation materials.

    Atiendo is considered his most advanced test for the detection of attention problems.

  • Why is this test important?

    For teachers

    Attention, as the gateway to outside information, is a key cognitive function for both learning and following any instruction, task or action.


    This test helps teachers to:

    • detect students with attentional difficulties
    • intervene and guide families according to the real needs of the student.
    • prevent school failure
    • attend in a real way to the diversity of the classroom.

    For parents

    Knowing the origin of the difficulties allows families to adequately adjust the support their children may need. This test provides information that is highly valued by families:

    • demonstrates the personalised attention their children receive
    • provides objective information to guide the teaching and learning process
    • favours the implementation of resources to intervene according to the real needs of their children, which are not always those that are visible to the naked eye.

    For the management team

    It is also a test of interest to management teams because:

    • increases the level of satisfaction of families, demonstrating a good provision of psycho-pedagogical resources to detect learning difficulties and their origin;
    • prevents school failure by implementing psycho-pedagogical resources for the early detection of learning difficulties; 
    • has objective information that allows its team of professionals to intervene in a way that is adjusted to real needs, thus achieving quality and educational excellence in its centre.

    For counsellors and psychologists

    This test, as an indispensable and complementary tool for the differential diagnosis of students, is key to being able to carry out comprehensive psycho-pedagogical evaluations. This test is of great value for psychologists and counsellors because:


    • allows you to quickly and effectively complete your psycho-pedagogical evaluations in order to know in greater detail the cognitive profile of the student;
    • speeds up application and correction times, allowing more time for intervention;
    • has a specific tool to evaluate one of the most frequent complaints from teachers and families, inattention;
    • can cater for the diversity of all students in the school.
  • Documentation and practical details

    Foundations, manuals and evaluated areas of this test


    Application manual: see more

    Specific information about this test

    ⏳ Test duration time:

    10 - 20 minutes


    ⚙️ Courses on which I can apply the test:

    For students from 3 years and 6 months to 20 years old.


    ♻️ When can I re-evaluate:

    Every year.