Classroom observation checklist

    This module allows a coach or observer to check that the teacher is carrying out an intervention program such as Habilmente, Emotional Mind or any other in the expected way.


    Author: Habilmind Team

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    From your smartphone, tablet or computer

    Use the device that suits you best

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    Select the teacher to be evaluated and fill in the questionnaire

    Also with open questions.

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    Access to results and comparisons

    Then you can see all the information in a control panel.

  • Implementation and data collection

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    What are you going to measure?

    If your classroom observation checklist is about Habilmente or Emotional Mind, please request activation directly from your advisor.
    If your checklist is to analyze any other program, we suggest you to create a list of points to be taken into account in the observation. These points would be questions of the type:
    • Does the teacher perform...
    • Do you observe if he/she avoids....
    • Have you taken into account....
    Send your advisor:
    • List of questions.
    • List of teachers to be evaluated.
    Your advisor will then send you the list:
    • Url for data collection
    • User and password for the visualization of the same
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    Check that the data is correct

    Check that the data are correct before going on an observation in the classroom.

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    Data collection devices

    You can use any of the following devices:

    • Laptop computer
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone


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    Data collection

    Once in the classroom you only need the url, your device and internet connection.

  • Data analysis and improvement process

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    Access to the service

    This service is within "360º Evaluation".

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    Access to results

    Find the checklist sent to you by your advisor in "Student Assessment of Teachers". Then click on "results".

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    Displaying the results

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    The results

    From this view you can get information about:

    • - Which teachers have better and worse results in each indicator
    • Access to comments

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    Individual results can be downloaded

    Click on "individual teacher reports"

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    Schedule the generation of reports by each teacher

    On this screen you can:

    • Schedule the generation of PDF reports for all teachers
    • Schedule the generation of the report of one or more teachers
    • See the result directly

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    Links for teachers to download their reports and developments

    You can send a few simple links for teachers to download their reports, thus avoiding having to attach PDFs to emails. That option is in "link list".


    In addition, if you have evaluated the teacher at the beginning and end of the course, you can see the evolution. IMPORTANT: this evolution is not valid to make comparisons between different academic years.

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    Achieving effective improvement

    It is important to make it as easy as possible for teachers to improve the indicators on which they have been evaluated.


    To this end, we suggest that, after the evaluation, the following strategy be carried out:

    1. Sending the individual report
    2. Then schedule a meeting with all the teachers of a stage.
    3. Meeting in which:
    • The indicators are analysed.
    • Improvement actions are shared, analyzed and evaluated.
    • The commitment of the teachers to carry out these actions is achieved.