An advisor at your disposal

    A Habilmind advisor can help you make the most of the data obtained from the tests used.

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    Get the most out of Habilmind after testing

    Habilmind has multiple functionalities, with this service you will discover all of them.

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    Two-hour conference with a psychopedagogist from Habilmind

    The interpretations of results consist of two hours of videoconferencing with attendees of the school's choice.

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    Step 1: Presentation of the results

    The expert presents the results of the tests carried out on the platform, focusing on the analysis of specific students.

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    Step 2: Strengths and weaknesses analysis

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the groups analysed? Why are they in this situation?

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    Step 3: Possible strategies and lines of improvement

    Suggestions for improvement based on the results, possible strategies at school level, use of other tests on the platform to further study the psycho-pedagogical situation of the school.

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    Using Google Meet

    This service allows you to use a projector and a computer with an internet connection to hold a conference in a very convenient way and without the need for installations.

  • Request your interpretation of results to soporte@habilmind.com

    Interpretation of results may be charged to your school depending on the country or agreement. Please check conditions.