Tests that measure Quality of the School

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    What are Quality of the School factors?

    The characteristics of the school itself is another factor that contributes to success in the learning process of students.


    The evaluation of the school by the different profiles involved in it, allows the school to know the diversity of opinions and to obtain a 360º panorama. Likewise, after analyzing the information obtained, the school can take improvement actions to achieve or to maintain the desired quality standard.

  • Quality of the School services included in the Habilmind subscription

    The following are the services corresponding to the Quality of the School factor available on the platform

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    Survey system- 360 Evaluation

    Abstract: it is a cluster of standardized surveys by profiles. A valuable tool for the school management and quality management system (e.g. EFQM and ISO9001).



    Author: Pedro Paños - Habilmind Team

  • How do I apply the test?

    You will need the username, password and web address of your school's platform. If you don't have this information, talk to your advisor.

    At least one day before application carry out the following steps:

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    1. Check the manual

    The application of Habilmind tests is a fairly intuitive process. However, it is recommended to review the corresponding test manual before applying, especially the first time. It can be reviewed directly from your mobile device or on your computer. If you prefer, it can also be downloaded and printed.

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    2. Apply the test on yourself

    Before sharing the URL (Step 3) you can explore the test to know in detail the experience that people who take the surveys will have.

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    3. Send the URL of the survey

    Locate the 360 Evaluation box within the platform.


    Once inside, choose the survey you want to apply. Select the option Realizar and copy the URL.


    This URL must be copied and sent to those who will take the surveys.

  • Practical details

    Learn specific information about these tools

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    Survey system- 360 Evaluation

    ⏳ Can I do as many surveys as I want

    Yes, certainly.


    ⚙️ Courses on which I can apply the surveys:

    All courses in case of teacher evaluation and from the age of 9 (4th grade) to the last course for student evaluation


    ♻️ When can I re-survey?

    Whenever you want, but try to leave some time for users not to feel that they are being sent excessive surveys.

  • Pedagogical Foundation

    Learn about the foundations, manuals and evaluated areas of each test.

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    Survey system- 360 Evaluation